For the third consecutive year, all incoming MSIH students receive scholarships

Sifting through medical school scholarships can be a bit overwhelming and while the idea of graduating medical school with debt can seem daunting, there are scholarships available that help to make a medical education more affordable. Over the past several years, students at Ben-Gurion University’s Medical School for International Health (MSIH) were awarded a record number of scholarships. In fact, for the past three years, all MSIH incoming students have received scholarship awards.

According to Dr. Lynne Quittell, Director of the MSIH North American office and Co-chair of the MSIH Admissions Committee, “Scholarships are awarded based on various parameters, including academic merit, financial need and commitment to service.”  MSIH awards both excellence-based and need-based scholarships.  Excellence-based scholarships are awarded to first-year students based on academic excellence and a demonstrated commitment to global health and service to communities in need. Applicants are evaluated for scholarships by a committee of world leaders in global health and medicine.

Risper Kirui is a member of the MSIH class of 2025, and a scholarship recipient, who grew up in a small, rural town in Western Kenya. She attended Hamilton College in Upstate New York. Witnessing many of the people in her village, like her grandfather, die of preventable illnesses due to inaccessible healthcare fueled her interest in medicine.  Risper wants to become a doctor who can use an intersectional lens to provide personalized healthcare in rural communities and minimize preventable deaths, like that of her grandfather. “This scholarship enabled me to overcome one of the biggest barriers that prevent many students from low-income communities from matriculating into medical schools like MSIH,” says Risper.  She adds that scholarships like hers are “essential in enhancing MSIH’s ability to recruit a diverse student body and ensuring they succeed as future physicians with a comprehensive cross-cultural understanding of health.”

Scholarships cover a portion of tuition each semester and are valid for up to four years.  Tuition at MSIH is $38,500 per year, and U.S. students can apply for federal assistance through two U.S. Department of Education loan programs: Direct Stafford and Direct Graduate PLUS.  

MSIH is a unique medical school that prepares physicians to address the impact of cultural, economic, political and environmental factors on the health of individuals and populations worldwide.  At MSIH, we are dedicated to preparing a new generation of doctors who have a comprehensive view of health around the world.  MSIH considers highly qualified applicants who are interested in making a real impact as medical practitioners for its scholarships.  

Read more about how the scholarships at MSIH can help you become a skilled physician prepared to practice medicine in the United States, Canada, Israel and around the world . Questions? Reach out to our admissions team for additional information. 

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