At MSIH, we offer a unique program that integrates global health into each stage of your expert medical training. At the end of the program, you will be a highly trained physician who understands how to work at the intersection of global health and community and preventive medicine.

Years One and Two

During these first two years, you’ll focus on the study of the basic sciences and body systems. You’ll also receive foundational training in global health and in preparation for your third-year clinical rotations, you’ll get basic training in clinical communication skills in Hebrew.

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Year Three

In the third year, you’ll begin your clinical clerkships and medical rotations at medical centers throughout Israel. You’ll be supported by interactive workshops that will help you develop cross-cultural skills and introduce you to practicing clinical medicine in resource-poor areas of the world. A cross-cultural workshop will also give you access to renowned experts in health systems, infectious disease and other relevant topics.

Show me the detailed curriculum for year three

Year Four

The fourth year serves as the capstone of your experience. It is the final stage of preparation before you enter your residency. You will complete four months of clinical electives and sub-internships at prestigious medical centers in the United States or Canada. And you’ll participate in an exciting eight-week global health clerkship at one of our supervised sites around the world, such as India, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Peru, Mexico, Ethiopia, Israel, Western Canada, and more.

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Show me the detailed curriculum for year four
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