A MSIH doctor is more than just a white coat.

MSIH: Think Global,
Act Local

The Medical School for International Health (MSIH) at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) is a unique medical school that incorporates global health components into all four years of the core M.D. curriculum.

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High residency match rates

High residency match rates that parallel top medical schools in the United States

Small class sizes

Small class sizes and personal attention from accomplished and experienced faculty

Comprehensive residency-planning support

Residency placements in the United States and around the world, including the option to complete staj, the Israeli internship.

Extremely supportive community

Collaborative environment inside and outside the classroom

Diverse cross-cultural experience

Diverse patient population in Israel plus eight-week global health clerkships in sites around the world

Clerkships around the world

Fourth-year electives and clerkships at highly selective medical centers in the U.S. and Canada

Recent News

$23 Million Medical Simulation and Classroom Building Opens
$23 Million Medical Simulation and Classroom Building Opens

$23 Million Medical Simulation and Classroom Building Opens

Adventures in Medical School
Adventures in Medical School

Adventures in Medical School

Graduation 2022
MSIH Graduates 32 new physicians

MSIH Graduates 32 new physicians

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How is Global Health
integrated into my M.D.?

Our program takes an integrated approach to global health and cross-cultural medicine. The curriculum provides a comprehensive education in medical sciences and clinical training, with focused global health coursework, concepts, issues and practices throughout. As a student at MSIH, you’ll participate in an array of global health and medicine components, including:

Global health modules such as Women’s Health, Disaster Relief, Health Inequities, Migration and Health, Birth as a Human Rights Issue, Aging, Anatomy of Urban Health for the Poor and Underserved, Medical Innovation and more.

Clinical clerkships providing exposure to diverse patients from southern Israel’s Bedouin and Ethiopian communities, as well as immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East.

Eight weeks in a global health rotation in diverse locations around the world, such as India, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Peru, Mexico, Ghana and Ethiopia.

A year-long course in clinical and global medicine that explores social determinants of health and disease burden. Students look at global health from a historical context, and study health not just in high income countries, but also low and middle income countries.

Courses in epidemiology and medical ethics that emphasize demographic and cultural issues.

A course in biostatistics that develops the skills to write a high-quality research paper on topics relevant to global health issues.

An interactive workshop that offers cross-cultural clinical communications skills and simulations.

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