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Columbia University Medical
Columbia University medical student Sarah Householder (second left) with students at Nazareth As part of the close association between MSIH and Columbia University, Columbia's medical students are invited to participate in clerkship opportunities in Israel. Sarah Householder, a student at Columbia's Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons reflects on her experience: The month I spent in Israel was exciting, complex, and challenging - not challenging because I was given too much responsibility or had many demands on my time, but challenging to adjust to new environments, meet new people, and reflect on how different patient populations and structures affect healthcare ...
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Measles Outbreak NYC
It was 5pm on a Wednesday when I saw D, a 9-month-old with a rash. No, nobody else at home is sick. Yes, he is up to date with his vaccines. No, he has no fever now, but he did a few days ago. Yes, he has a runny nose and cough. On exam, D had injected conjunctivae, clear rhinorrhea, mild cough and a macular rash on his body with confluence on the face and neck. While his babysitter was away, D had gone to the store where his mother worked. The managers had been accommodating; everyone eager to play ...
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Global Health Doctor
Second-year student Bruce Larkin describes the experiences that brought him to study medicine at MSIH and begin training to become a Global Health Doctor. In this photo, he's seen addressing and encouraging health education volunteers in Niger. A Story all too Common in Niger A woman and her husband walk. It is getting late in northwest Niger, and this woman has been experiencing contractions. She needs to see a doctor – urgently. Al-Qaeda has been active in the area, and the military has been instructed to fire at anyone driving a motorcycle. Without any other means of transportation, the couple ...
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Medical Students Class of 2023
In its 21 years of existence, MSIH has always prided itself in the diversity of students it attracts. The entering class of 2023 is no exception. Commencing their orientation last week, (July, 2019), the class is as varied as previous years. Mostly North Americans and returning Israelis, other students hail from China, Moldova, Slovakia, France, India, South Africa, and Hong Kong. Many have degrees in biology, but there’s a graduate of English literature, a dentist, a chemist, a mathematician/musician, a biochemist, cell biologist, business manager, physiologist, neuroscientist, kinesiologist, and a computer engineer. Starting Out on their Journey: Emergency Medicine During ...
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Alumni in Global Health

Kate Horan on Doctors Without Borders missionKatherine (Kate) Horan, M.D., (class of 2012) is in the Ivory Coast on her fourth mission with Doctors Without Borders. 

After completing her pediatrics residency at Baystate Medical Center, Dr. Horan fulfilled her lifelong dream and joined Doctors Without Borders as a pediatrician. Over the past two years, she has served as the managing physician in a malaria and malnutrition ward in rural Chad, director of a refugee camp hospital in South Sudan, and technical advisor for a 300-bed pediatric hospital in Mali. Her current mission in the Ivory Coast involves the implementation and advancement of global neonatology protocols.

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