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MSIH has a unique way of teaching Global Health. Unlike most medical schools where Global Health education is lecture-based, MSIH adopts a holistic approach by focusing on real patients, their families and communities as part of a practical curriculum. But is this approach better? Do students learn more? How would we know? This question was part of a research thesis by Dr. Seema Biswas working in cooperation with several faculty members and alumni of MSIH. A paper was published in Frontiers in Public Health which concludes that students demonstrated a closeness to their patients that added depth, understanding and motivation ...
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Prospective student events
MSIH holds periodic prospective student events online, as well as in-person across the US, Canada, and Israel. We invite you to join us to learn more about our admissions process, as well as ask questions about our unique M.D. Program. Upcoming Information Sessions: We are not currently hosting any in-person information sessions. Please join us for a webinar instead. We will resume in-person events when it is advisable to do so. Upcoming Webinars: Join us to learn more about MSIH: Tuesday, October 13th, 2020, at 7:00 PM EDT Register by clicking the link below: Monday, October 26th, 2020, ...
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MSIH Alumnus Teaches First-Year Global Health Course Many university educators adhere to the belief that each class has its own personality. From year to year, that personality may change. Some classes are more engaged than others, some more dynamic. Others have troublesome relationships within, while others are smooth and agreeable, with mutual respect and life-long bonding. Some classes have shining stars, and some have not. The class of 2014 was a group of smart, dedicated, and exceptional young people who were destined to make a huge impression on the world. We've written here about two of them. Dr. Hanan ...
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msih student alumni
Many posts on this site share the achievements of our faculty, students, and alumni. As time progresses, we forget what's gone before, so here we'd like to remind you of some of the wonderful things the MSIH family have been up to in the last couple of years:
When the graduates of the MSIH class of 2024 relate to their children how they commenced medical school in Israel, they’ll say something like this: “I’ll never forget how we started. It was during the 2020 pandemic and we couldn’t travel, so I had to watch lectures from my bedroom in {enter place} through video chat. I didn’t get to meet my classmates properly until I got to Israel {enter time} later.” This is the true disadvantage of joining MSIH virtually. The school is small and unique and if there’s a common thread that runs through every student or graduate, ...
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Alumni in Global Health

Kate Horan on Doctors Without Borders missionKatherine (Kate) Horan, M.D., (class of 2012) is in the Ivory Coast on her fourth mission with Doctors Without Borders. 

After completing her pediatrics residency at Baystate Medical Center, Dr. Horan fulfilled her lifelong dream and joined Doctors Without Borders as a pediatrician. Over the past two years, she has served as the managing physician in a malaria and malnutrition ward in rural Chad, director of a refugee camp hospital in South Sudan, and technical advisor for a 300-bed pediatric hospital in Mali. Her current mission in the Ivory Coast involves the implementation and advancement of global neonatology protocols.

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