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Steven Zilberman
Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union at the tail end of the 1980s, few Jews had been permitted to emigrate. Those who did were immediately stripped of their Soviet citizenship and made to pay an exit tax. Their assets ceded to the State, they became refugees looking for a place to settle. Fourth-year student, Steven Zilberman's grandparents and mother were among those who left. In the 1970s they were taken in by the US and lived among other immigrant populations in the neighborhoods of New York City. There, Steven was born and raised in an eclectic community of ...
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non-traditional medical school applicant
Are You A Non-Traditional Medical School Applicant? Here Are 5 Tips Just For You Not fresh out of college and applying to medical school? Did you take a different path, attend graduate school, pursue other interests or switch careers? Here are some expert tips for you, a “non-traditional applicant,” as you navigate the medical school admissions process. First of all, the medical school admissions landscape has changed over the past decade and the line between traditional and non-traditional applicants has blurred. Today’s medical schools admit a variety of applicants, attempting to diversify their class in many ways. They seek qualified ...
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Dr. Katherine Horan, Médecins Sans Frontières
“I remember my first delivery room experience in medical school and the sense of awe that I felt at the sound of the baby’s first cry. Years of practice have done little to diminish the wonder and relief of witnessing a safe transition. Even the most experienced practitioner can appreciate the cascade of miraculous changes that occur in every part of the body.” Dr Katherine Horan, “The breath of life: Helping babies survive" An account of her experience volunteering for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF; Doctors Without Borders) clinic in Katiola, Côte d’Ivoire, Africa Contemporary Pediatrics, Sep 1, 2017 Healthcare Around ...
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Prof. Mick Alkan
Mick Alkan, Professor Emeritus and founding faculty member of MSIH, is probably Israel's most widely traveled physician. In his long career, he has participated in medical mercy missions throughout the world, from Cambodian refugees in Thailand to a field hospital in Macedonia, from Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, to the 2004 tsunami in the Far East, from the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, to African refugees traversing Serbia. Alkan, a world authority on AIDS, has taught medicine in rural Kenya, Ecuador, Nepal, and Kyrgyzstan. This month Prof. Alkan is featured in a profile article in the Jerusalem Post. Click here for a ...
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Alumni in Global Health

Kate Horan on Doctors Without Borders missionKatherine (Kate) Horan, M.D., (class of 2012) is in the Ivory Coast on her fourth mission with Doctors Without Borders. 

After completing her pediatrics residency at Baystate Medical Center, Dr. Horan fulfilled her lifelong dream and joined Doctors Without Borders as a pediatrician. Over the past two years, she has served as the managing physician in a malaria and malnutrition ward in rural Chad, director of a refugee camp hospital in South Sudan, and technical advisor for a 300-bed pediatric hospital in Mali. Her current mission in the Ivory Coast involves the implementation and advancement of global neonatology protocols.

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