Bringing Family to Israel

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The MSIH community would not be complete without the partners, spouses and children who join us on the journey. Please see below for helpful information on bringing family to Israel. Medical school in Beer-Sheva can be a positive experience for everyone.

Visa Options for Family Members

  • Student Visa (for those studying at MSIH or another Israeli institution)
  • Spouse/Child of Student Visa
  • Tourist Visa (must exit the country every 90 days, can obtain a new visa upon reentry)
  • Volunteer Visa (obtained through volunteer agencies)
  • Work Visa (obtained only through prospective employer)


Many partners and spouses also choose to study in Israel. Popular options include:

  • M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies at BGU (one-year program)
  • M.S. in Desert Studies at BGU
  • Hebrew ulpan (available at BGU and throughout the country)
  • Arabic language classes
  • Art or dance classes (Hebrew and English options)

The BGU Office of International Academic Affairs offers various courses in English.

Employment and Volunteer Work

As in most countries, formal full-time employment in Israel can be difficult to find for non-Israeli citizens. Those who have “portable skills” have been able to maintain steady incomes by doing contractual and often transcontinental work, such as graphic design, editing, video production and web development.

Your partner or spouse may consider volunteer work, as there are many opportunities throughout Israel with Arab and Israeli NGOs, Bedouin schools and the Ethiopian Absorption Center in Beer-Sheva.


If you have children, your time at MSIH provides the opportunity for a global experience they’ll always value. Israel’s family-friendly society, along with our close-knit student community, creates a supportive, safe and welcoming environment for children. In fact, Israel has been ranked within the top five countries for expat families.

Know Before You Go

  • Beer-Sheva has ample daycare options.
  • There is no English-language day care, but nannies can be hired privately.
  • School-age children can enroll in Beer-Sheva’s public or private elementary schools. All teaching is in Hebrew.
  • Beer-Sheva boasts a large number of parks and family-friendly attractions, including a zoo and a science and children’s museum.

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