Beer-Sheva’s Ecosystem of Innovation

MSIH is located in the heart of Beer-Sheva, the capital of Israel’s Negev region. Beer-Sheva is a place where the past and future converge, and Ben Gurion University has captured the essence of Beer-Sheva innovation in their latest video on the city’s development.

While studying and training in medical school, you’ll have opportunities to explore the vibrant life that Beer-Sheva has to offer. Academically, you’ll gain from the advantages that come with being part of the research and innovation of BGU. You’ll also be in close proximity to Beer-Sheva’s high-tech park.

The Beer-Sheva Innovation Hub

Students at MSIH are often involved in Medtech or Biomedical engineering projects in conjunction with BGU engineering students. Other medical students volunteer in local opportunities afforded by being part of a multicultural melting pot. The Beer-Sheva innovation ecosystem is also a large contributor to the overall MSIH experience.

Check out the latest video on Beer-Sheva’s Innovation District:


As you can see, Beer-Sheva has a lot to offer in terms of academic excellence, research opportunities, and rich social life. And while medical school is certainly a full-time endeavor, we know that being immersed in Beer-Sheva’s student population is an important contributor to your experience. If you study with us, you’ll make a home in the vibrant city of Beer-Sheva, explore the beautiful Negev desert, engage in campus and community activities, and build lasting friendships.

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