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MSIH offers scholarships for students — and in 2021, our students were awarded a record number of scholarships for both financial need and merit from both MSIH and outside sources. If you have questions about scholarships, contact us. We are happy to assist you.

BGU Scholarships

Excellence-Based Scholarships, awarded to first-year students based on academic excellence and a demonstrated commitment to global health and service to communities in need. These scholarships cover a portion of tuition each semester and are valid for up to four years.

Need-Based Scholarships, awarded to first-year students who may apply once they are accepted. Please contact our New York admissions office.

Skirball Need-Based Scholarships, awarded to students who may apply through our financial aid office in Israel.

Fine Family Foundation Scholarships, available to Canadian students. You must submit your scholarship application at least two months before studies begin. For more information, contact us.

Outside Opportunities

Masa Israel Scholarships, awarded to first-year students through a gift of the Government of Israel and The Jewish Agency for Israel. For more information, visit Masa Israel’s website.

Jewish Vocational Service of Chicago Scholarships, for postgraduate students with financial need. Download the application or contact JVS for more information.

The International Association of Jewish Free Loans, which offers interest-free loans to graduate students. Some locations require the applicant to be Jewish, while others do not. Applications are accepted through the office nearest your permanent residence.