MSIH Welcomes the Class of 2025!

MSIH Class of 2025 taking their first practice exam

MSIH is many things, but if there’s one thing that sets our medical school apart from all others, it’s the diversity of students joining each entering class. Motivated by a yearning to help others, particularly populations most in need, the MSIH student body is made up of people with extraordinary histories.

The entering class of 2025 is no exception. Indeed, this year’s class consists of 36 students who have such varied backgrounds it hard to imagine them coalescing at all.

Yet, they will connect. No matter where they’ve been, where they came from, and what they’ve done, MSIH students thrive in foreign cultures, languages, and beliefs. Like all classes before them, within weeks, this eclectic group of people will have bonded; it is their varied backgrounds and experiences that brought them all together with a common goal.

This year’s class is composed of citizens of France, the United States, Israel, Germany, Canada, Kenya, Columbia and Brazil. The class is made up of individuals from a wide variety of creeds and cultures. Students have volunteered, worked and studied in the Philippines, South America, Zimbabwe, Cape Town, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Rwanda, Dominican Republic, India, Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Nepal, Lesotho, Belgium, The Central African Republic, a Syrian Refugee Camp in Germany, Ecuador, and Tanzania.

There are parents of infant children, young graduates and those who hold PhDs. Their collective degrees, from BAs to PhDs, include majors in Kinesiology, Innovation Management, Molecular Biology, Spanish, Psychology, Neuroscience, Bible and Ministry, Physiology, Economics, Anthropology, Biomedical Engineering, Theological Studies, Political Science, Pharmacy and more.

“It’s always very exciting to welcome a new class,” says school Director, Prof. Alan Jotkowitz. “This year’s class is particularly varied – which is a terrific thing for a medical school specializing in Global Health. We love to observe how each class comes together as their medical education progresses. Each individual adds his/her knowledge and experience to the collective – just one of the factors that will make them great Global Health physicians when they graduate in 2025.”