Despite Global Pandemic, MSIH Students produce stellar Match results – 96% match rate!

Medical education worldwide has been severely affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.  In some places, student access to patients for clinical training has been severely curtailed. Even the most prestigious US medical schools have suffered, with graduates fearful of their chances of finding residency in the National Residency Matching Program (the Match). The situation is even more complicated for Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) – those studying medicine outside the US. With studies disrupted and personal interviews limited, FMGs were hugely concerned about Matching.

Yet, once again MSIH graduates rose to the challenge – with an incredible 96% Match rate for the class of 2021!

“It’s hugely satisfying,” says MSIH Director, Prof. Alan Jotkowitz. “The year has been so complex for all of us, and for FMGs in particular. When you’re straddled between two continents, uncertain of your future, and struggling to learn, it’s not easy to interview and show yourself at your best. Yet, MSIH students have done it again. They’ve produced one of the highest match rates in the history of the school!”

Not only did the students Match, but their placements were outstanding. From Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey to Oregon Health and Science University, MSIH alumni can be found across the United States. For the second year in a row, MSIH graduates have matched at the Mayo Clinic.

Speaks Volumes
“These results illustrate yet again how well MSIH is regarded,” said Dr. Lynne Quittell, Director of the MSIH office in New York. “The reputation of our school goes before us; hospitals know they are getting well trained, conscientious, and dedicated physicians. They are more than happy to add MSIH graduates to their staff. Such a performance during a Pandemic year speaks volumes about our school.”

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