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Third Annual MSIH Student Research Competition

Mid-January 2020 saw the third annual MSIH student research competition in which four students presented their papers.

As a matter of policy, MSIH encourages students to participate in medical research, either as Principal Investigator or part of a team. This is done, not only to increase medical knowledge but to encourage students to engage in research as well as improve their CVs for future employment.

The Runners Up

Of the 25 papers sent for selection, four papers were chosen for presentation:

  • “How to cross differential diagnosis of central vestibular disorders off your bucket list” – Ariel Winnick 
  • “Transplant Disorder without a Transplant” – Evan Magaliff 
  • “The Glycemic Paradox of Getting Fit with HIIT in Type 1 Diabetes” – Dana Potashner 
  • “PIMing Out Your Sunscreen” – Tehila Fruchter 

The Winner

A panel of three judges, professors, Yuval Yogev, Mark Clarfield, and Shimon Glick, gauged the research according to four criteria:

  • Clarity of the Research Question
  • Scientific Merit of the Project
  • Clarity of Presentation
  • Quality/Originality of Presentation

After considerable debate by the judges, Dana Potashner’s research paper was chosen as the winner.

“It’s very gratifying to see so many MSIH students engaged in research and the quality of their work is really outstanding,” said Prof. Shimon Glick. 

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