Year 3

Year 3

Emergency Medicine Workshop

The third year begins with a week of intensive training in emergency medicine. This training will include an advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) equivalent course to prepare you for your initial clerkships.

Later on in the year, you will receive additional training in ACLS megacode scenarios, as well as attend trauma lectures. You will also participate in emergency drills.


Clinical Clerkships in Israel

Throughout your third year, you will gain hands-on experience in clinical clerkships at affiliated hospitals and medical centers in Beer-Sheva and across Israel. Israel’s multicultural and multilingual population mirrors global society on a smaller scale. Your patients will be of diverse cultural and political traditions, ethnicities, nationalities and religions.

You’ll rotate through seven clinical departments: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Family Medicine, Neurology, and Psychiatry. In each clinical ward, you’ll be a part of a small group, and a dedicated faculty tutor will be available for help and support throughout your clerkship.

Days in clinical rotation will begin with blood draws, morning reports and related activities, and morning rounds and seminars. You will also perform night calls, prepare patient presentations, and attend related lectures and activities organized by the department. This provides you with a range of practical and academic avenues for learning — and helps you adapt to the demands of a career as a doctor.

Cross-Cultural Medicine Workshop

Your clinical experience will be supplemented with a workshop in cross-cultural medicine, designed to develop the skills and tools you need to deal effectively with cross-cultural situations and diverse populations.

As part of the workshop, you’ll conduct simulated interviews with patients who are from diverse cultural backgrounds and have varied problems, and you’ll identify and manage underlying cultural challenges within the context of the medical interview. These sessions allow you to practice interviewing patients in a group setting, and to receive feedback from both peers and senior faculty members who are trained as facilitators.


A weeklong global health seminar brings renowned speakers from around the world to lecture on health systems, infectious disease and other relevant topics. You’ll have a chance to hear about their latest research and get a variety of viewpoints on issues you’ve been learning about during your M.D. program.

Practice Cross-Cultural Medicine: MSIH Admission Consultation

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