Olga Charnaya, M.D (2010)

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Olga Charnaya, M.D., is a Pediatric Nephrologist and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

Dr. Charnaya, along with her colleagues, staffs the only pediatric hemodialysis unit in the state of Maryland.  The unit is unique because, in addition to providing expert dialysis care from nephrologists and dialysis nurses, the focus is on comprehensive care of the patient and family with a dietician, social worker and behavioral psychologist who are all actively engaged with each patient.

At Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Dr. Charnaya explores her professional research interests. Her research focuses on optimizing immunological matching to improve long-term allograft survival in pediatric kidney transplant recipients especially focusing on the racial disparities in graft outcomes.

Dr. Charnaya wrote an ethics piece on access to transplant for undocumented minors in the US – Ethics Rounds: Access to Transplantation for Undocumented Pediatric Patients – that will be published in Pediatrics. She was also awarded a KL2 Clinical Research Scholars Award from Johns Hopkins, which is a three-year grant that will help her obtain a PhD in Clinical Investigation. Dr. Charnaya received a doctorate in medicine from MSIH in 2010.

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