Pre-Departure Checklist

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Before You Arrive

Here is a handy list of things to do before takeoff. Please feel free to contact us as questions come up.

  • Passport

    Make sure you have a passport from a country that has diplomatic relations with Israel and is valid for your entire stay abroad. For more information, please contact your local Israeli embassy or consulate.

  • Visa

    You’ll need to obtain a multiple-entry A/2 student visa prior to your arrival in Israel, so check with your local Israeli embassy or consulate for details as soon as possible. Please see additional recommendations if you will be bringing family members.

  • Health insurance

    You’ll need to purchase health insurance that covers you throughout the duration of your time in Israel. Learn more about what type of coverage you’ll need.

  • Housing

    Reserve temporary accommodations for your first week or two in the city. Learn more about recommended temporary accommodations and long-term housing options.

  • Airline ticket

    Schedule your flight so you’ll arrive one to two weeks prior to the start of classes.


Hebrew classes are part of the curriculum, and you will start learning the language shortly after arrival at MSIH. Although all courses are taught in English, you will need an understanding of Hebrew for your clinical work. Note that it is in your best interest to start becoming familiar with the Hebrew language before orientation. There are a number of excellent online language courses, some of which are free, that can be found through a simple online search.