The Jerusalem Report – Article about MSIH

MSIH was featured this month (December 2018) in the Jerusalem Report highlighting MSIH’s 20th anniversary and students throughout the years who chose to attend MSIH.

“‘The cross-cultural experience at BGU ‘has shaped and had a transformative influence on what I do,’ says Dr. Javeed Sukhera, assistant professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. ‘It’s about the bigger, broader issues on how we challenge ourselves every day to get outside our comfort zones, thinking about health disparities and issues of access,’ explained Sukhera.”

“Aerin Philip’s two and a half years in the Peace Corps in Nepal was an intense education in cross-cultural aid. The 25-year-old second-year MSIH student from Houston, Texas ‘I love meeting people of different backgrounds, I find it fascinating. The whole Negev population is so interesting. That what makes this school so special,’ he says, commenting that he also gets a kick out of constantly being mistaken for an Arabic speaker.”

Read more about students who chose to attend MSIH specifically because of their Global Health interest from diverse backgrounds.

If you have a subscription to the Jerusalem Report, you can view the article here. Otherwise, a pdf version is available by clicking the image below.

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