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The Impact of a Global Health MD Program on your Career as a Physician

Studying medicine with an emphasis in global health can help you make a major contribution to health care across the world. The goal of a global health MD program is to work towards better health for each individual patient, no matter what country they are from, and to make an effort to achieve equality of healthcare access globally.

Studying through the lens of global health prepares you to take yourself out of your comfort zone and trains you to think outside the box. It’s about understanding global communities, but being able to think and act in the best way given the local situation. You’ll have a broader perspective on how to provide quality, individualized patient care, no matter who the patient is or where they are from.  

Global Health MD Program: Success Stories

The MSIH curriculum is unique in its focus on global health, and its holistic approach to medical care. MSIH trains students and alumni to work in and research some of the most profound health crises across the globe. 

Some of our former students have gone on to work on the migrant health crisis at the US-Mexico Border, which involved the separation of children from their families. Others work at the WHO department for Accelerated Disease Control, dealing with global healthcare emergencies such as the outbreak of measles in Europe. 

Far-Reaching Impact

Often the problem with underserved populations isn’t that there aren’t any treatments and medical services available; it’s that the local communities can’t get access to this healthcare. A global health MD program will give you tools to help you to provide more equitable access to healthcare throughout the world, and to fill the gaps when it comes to understanding local needs.

MSIH students and alumni often come together to work on solving these problems in new and innovative ways. One MSIH student developed a patient monitor that can help with the dangerous issue of patients falling while in hospital. This solution came after asking the medical staff which issues could be overcome with the application of technology.

It’s through experiences like these that you learn how to provide the most appropriate medical care and get involved with local communities, medical facilities, and staff. 

Understanding the Big Picture

Being successful in these kinds of scenarios is possible because MSIH embeds global health into every part of the curriculum over our four-year MD program. This means you can understand the political, economic, and technological context that accompanies health issues globally. 

In fact, students at MSIH appealed to government agencies, health funds, international NGOs and foreign embassies to ensure a sick immigrant who had illegally crossed the Israeli border via Egypt got the urgent medical treatment he needed.

This is the kind of impact an MD with a global health focus can have. You’ll begin to understand how to apply the principles of justice to the way you view medicine and healthcare.

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