Former MSIH Teaching Assistant takes First Prize in “Tech Pitch” at Yale Innovation Summit

Dr. Amir Mor, who worked as a teaching assistant at MSIH for many years, completed a Fellowship at Yale Medical School. In May 2019, he won 1st prize at the Yale Innovation Summit for his work on the ACIS.  

Since its inception more than 20 years ago, MSIH has employed Israeli medical students to work as teaching assistants (TAs) at the school. The Israeli students are usually in the final years of their 6-year degree program and have gained considerable knowledge, experience, and understanding. They apply these skills to assist faculty in implementing MSIH’s unique curriculum.

Because much of the medical school education is conducted in small groups, TAs are an essential component. In addition to helping to teach, TAs may assist in allocating rooms, acquiring equipment, finding lecturers, and preparing class materials.

Former TA Innovates at Yale

Dr. Amir Mor wins first place for ACIS in Tech Pitch

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Dozens of Israeli med students have been TAs at MSIH and like many Israeli physicians, some have gone on to do Fellowships in the US.

Dr. Amir Mor was a well-known and respected TA at MSIH for many years. He organized dozens of courses and worked with students and staff alike. After graduating and earning his Ph.D., Amir went on to do a Fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Yale Medical School.

Like so many Israelis, innovation and creativity run in Amir’s veins. It was no surprise to anyone at MSIH when it was announced in May that he’d won first prize at Yale Innovation Summit 2019 for his “Accurate Cell Injection System (ACIS).” The ACIS is a device that enables clinicians to implant sperm in eggs more effectively. This can help determine whether eggs are viable without aspirating and damaging them.

The entire family of MSIH wishes to congratulate Amir on his achievements. He is a deserving winner and we are proud of our close association with him.

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