MSIH Students Participate in International Global Health Case Competition at the University of Copenhagen

Two MSIH students, Bruce Larkin and Katrina Spangenberg participated last month in the University of Copenhagen’s Global Health Case Competition. The students were among 75 participants from a variety of nationalities and academic fields. The competition simultaneously took place at 18 universities across Europe.

The case challenge question was “How can planning of urban public space contribute to climate change mitigation goals and benefit mental well-being among vulnerable populations?”

Katrina’s group proposed a fantastic idea of cleaning portions of the Pasig River in Manila, Philippines. This would allow children living in slums to swim in clean water.

Bruce’s team placed third (out of 15) for proposing to detox and build a park/garden in an abandoned lot in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Chicago (this lot had six stories worth of garbage dumped on it as part of a corruption scandal in the 90s). Aside from removing hazardous waste, the proposal would increase access to fruits and vegetables to one of Chicago’s “food deserts.”

Bruce Larkin commented that he’d met with Dr. Flemming Konradsen, the director of the School of Global Health at the University of Copenhagen. “It appears that Daniel Fischer and Nidhi Chillara made an impression on him last year, and he is intrigued by the uniqueness of MSIH.”