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MSIH Student Interns at WHO Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen

MSIH encourages all of its students to pursue Global Health activities whenever they can. Last year, at the initiative of a student, Bruce Larkin, several first-year students paired off with MSIH alumni to work together during their summer break.

Bruce himself went to work with Dr. Patrick O’Connor, (MSIH alumnus, 2003) in his post as Team Lead for Accelerated Disease Control (ADC) at the WHO Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen.

Together with other volunteers, Bruce sat in on a discussion about measles outbreaks in Europe which was co-chaired by Dorit Nitzan, acting-Director for Emergencies at WHO.


Photo: First-year student, Bruce Larkin (2nd from right) at WHO in Copenhagen with alumnus, Dr. Patrick O’Connor (right) and Dr. Dorit Nitzan, acting-Director for Emergencies.

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