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MSIH Gold Humanism Awards – 2021

The Gold Humanism Honor Society

Despite disruptions caused by the 2020 Global Pandemic, five new MSIH students have been selected for induction into the Gold Humanism Honor Society for the year 2021. The new physicians will join the ranks of 60 other MSIH graduates who have already been elected by their peers for “demonstrating unusual commitment to global health and commitment to humanism.”

Gold Standard in Healthcare

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation’s goal is to create the “Gold Standard” in healthcare – compassionate, collaborative and scientifically excellent care – to support clinicians throughout their careers, so the humanistic passion that motivates them at the beginning of their education is sustained throughout their practice.

The Foundation works with healthcare professionals to ensure that compassion, respect and empathy are at the core of their healthcare interactions. More than 160 top medical schools are members of the Foundation – with a handful outside North America. MSIH has one of the Foundation’s chapters.

This year, five awardees were selected from their class of thirty-three students. Next year, after graduation, they will join the ranks of about 620 existing MSIH graduates – each a specialist in Global Health and Medicine.

Selection Process

Towards the end of their studies, each MSIH class is presented with the following questionnaire, and students are asked to select appropriate candidates from amongst their classmates:

  1. The classmates you would like to have work at your side in a medical emergency.
  2. The classmates who best personify the quote, “The secret of good patient care lies in caring for the patient.”
  3. The classmates who have shown exceptional interest in service to their communities.
  4. The classmates who would be the best choices for a highly desired residency. Residencies for future graduates will depend on these persons’ performance.
  5. The classmates you would want as the doctor for yourself or a loved one.
  6. The classmates who have the best listening skills with patients.

“Each and every one of MSIH’s graduates is an exceptional physician, well trained in Global Health,” explains school Director, Prof. Alan Jotkowitz. “Being selected by their own peers for their outstanding qualities is indeed a great honor and we are so proud of those who were chosen.”


The new Gold Humanism inductees for 2021 are:

  • Aerin Philip
  • Jonathan Abres
  • Rachel Biesse
  • Samantha Krieger
  • Yocheved Aronovich

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