The MSIH Class of 2022 Starts Their Journey

Australians, Americans and Israelis Meet in the Negev

“I’m from Rockingham, about an hour south of Perth in Western Australia,” said the tall, smiling woman clutching her MSIH student handbook. “I was looking for an international school that would accept the Australian Medical and Health Sciences Test. I’ve done volunteering work in India and elsewhere and when I came across MSIH, I knew it was the place for me.”

Esther Levison is the youngest of a family of immigrants to Australia. Her Jewish father – who, as a child escaped wartime Europe – met her Malaysian/Indian mother “probably through a classified ad in the newspaper.”

Red-haired Jonathan Chabon is also clutching the MSIH handbook. “I was born in Israel,” he explains. With his fair skin and light complexion, he looks nothing like the dark hues of the Middle East. He has lived almost all his life in the US. “I don’t speak Hebrew because neither of my parents was a native Israeli. My mother is from South Africa, and my father from New York.”

Eli Bernstein came to Israel for the first time when his parents won a raffle. “I’ve been back many times since then. The last time I came for a year and swore I’d never come back for a long period again. Yet here I am. I’m really excited about starting MSIH.”

These are just three of the stories of the class of 2022 that commenced MSIH this week. Of the class of 29 students, most of them were drawn to MSIH because of their interest in Global Health.

Orientation and Emergency Medicine

During their one-month of orientation, the new students will be introduced to Hebrew through intensive daily classes. They’ll also use the time to find accommodation, and acclimatize themselves before starting studies in earnest. A highlight of their month will be an intensive Emergency Medicine Course – taught by senior Israeli medical school students – most of whom have experience as medics in the Israeli army.

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