Medical Schools that Accept International Students Foster Community

Studying medicine as part of a diverse student cohort can have a positive impact on the way in which students train to work in the medical field. Medical schools that accept international students not only provide support for their students coming from abroad, they also enable close-knit communities to form among the students themselves.

“Being here for 11 months now, I am enjoying the community I found here…My classmates, my amazing, talented and serious classmates were my first community. A bunch of 26 Americans, Canadians, a Korean, a Chinese, an Australian, a British, an Israeli and a Ghanaian chose to come to a medical school in a Negev desert somewhere in the Middle East.”

This powerful quotation is from Wentii Annankra, an MSIH student from Ghana, who wrote this during her first year in medical school. At MSIH, our cohorts are made up of North American and international students from all over the world, as well as local Israeli students who have studied abroad during their education. Our melting pot of students creates an environment in which each person can thrive. Students get the most out of our M.D program and go on to become world-class doctors. 

As a medical school that accepts international students, we have seen how this helps to create a strong community. Here’s why.

Running student organizations

Joining a student-led organization is a great way to enrich your studies and get invaluable experience outside the classroom. There are many organizations run by international students at MSIH, such as the American Medical Student Organization, which promotes the well-being of students through access to resources, scholarships and networking opportunities, as well as fundraising and social events.

These organizations help foster a sense of community among different students. They welcome and bring together people from very different backgrounds to share experiences. Students at MSIH engage in local and international campus and community activities, which helps them build long-lasting friendships.

Support for a career in global health

Preparing for a career in global health involves more than just work in the classroom. You also need to learn about socioeconomic, cultural, and ethical factors to help you treat a diverse range of patients. What better way to do that than to study alongside students from all different walks of life?

At MSIH, we have a close-knit community –– on and off-campus. Students spend much of their time together in the classroom, hospital, and library. They study and work together to support each other through our challenging M.D. program

International students work alongside students from the US and Canada, as well as local Israeli students. MSIH and the city of Be’er Sheva offer a number of different facilities to help bring students together to create community, such as bookshops, movie theaters, grocery stores, research labs, and cafes and restaurants. The BGU campus also hosts various different events, including performances and student organizations, which help bring students together. 

Experiencing international travel and a range of different cultures can help you be more than just a white coat. You’ll be armed with the skills to make a real and lasting impact as a physician. You’ll help make the world a better place. 

With this experience under your belt, our students – no matter where they are from – are equipped to pursue a career in many different areas of global health, such as health care policy and emergency medicine.

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