Year 4

Year 4

Electives at Prestigious U.S. Institutions

You’ll begin your fourth year with 16 weeks of electives, including a 4-week sub-internship in general medicine, general pediatrics or general surgery.

You may apply to complete some or all of your electives at highly selective medical centers in the United States and Canada ­— including Columbia University Medical Center’s main campus and affiliates, where you are given priority consideration because of our affiliation. MSIH also holds elective and sub-internship slots at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine at Hofstra University.

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Global Health Clerkship

“I’m thankful that I got to experience and live global health in a way very few people from my background get to do.”
Tiffany Chow, UCLA
Matched in Pediatrics at UCLA Medical Center

Your global health clerkship is an exciting real-world experience designed to prepare you for work with underserved populations in the U.S. or anywhere in the world. It is the capstone of this specialty M.D. program that is uniquely focused on global health.

Your rotation will run from mid-January to mid-March in either a resource-scarce country or a clinical setting specifically related to global health. This allows you to apply your cultural training and experience, seeing firsthand how medical professionals provide care in a variety of economic, cultural and geographic settings. Your clerkship will help you acquire practical knowledge and master global health competencies — empowering you to have a real impact as a highly skilled medical practitioner with expertise in cross-cultural scenarios.

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Sub-Specialty Selectives

Your M.D. studies will conclude with four two-week blocks of selective courses in medical and surgical sub-specialties. In each selective, you’ll study in a class of no more than eight students — giving you ample opportunity to learn from highly accomplished faculty.

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