Year 2

Year 2

Body Systems

Your second year is divided into blocks that deal with different regions of the body and their related organ systems. Each block begins with an intensive study of the anatomy of the region, followed by two to four weeks devoted to each of the organ systems. For each body system, we integrate the basic sciences with pathophysiology and problem-based learning to provide the most comprehensive overview. During these blocks, you will also learn about diseases that are commonly seen in resource-poor countries.


Global Health

The year-long course Practicing Global Health in Specific Contexts expands on the concepts you learned in Introduction to Global Health and Medicine during the first year. The course is designed to give you tools to study in a foreign clinical environment, preparing you for the fourth-year global health clerkships.

You will also select two additional global health modules to deepen and broaden your expertise in social, political, economic, medical and other issues affecting communities around the world.

Preparation for Clinical Patient Interaction

The year-long Clinical and Communication Skills course will prepare you for patient interaction heading into your third year. It combines patient interview methods, physical examination techniques and clinical Hebrew language study.

The training you receive in this course will improve your interactions during your third-year clinical clerkships and rotations throughout Israel — and help you develop invaluable communication skills that will serve you throughout your medical career, particularly when working with diverse populations.

USMLE Readiness

During the second semester of the second year, MSIH students complete a USMLE review course administered by BGU faculty who have expertise in the exam. At the conclusion of the course, a comprehensive basic science exam is given to assess each student’s level of preparation for the USMLE. Students who exhibit difficulty are offered individual tutoring.

Students receive vouchers from MSIH to take practice exams in the subjects of their choice. Additionally, MSIH students have eight weeks of study time between the second and third year that can be used to prepare for the exam. MSIH also facilitates peer-to-peer counseling, where third-year students who have completed the exam offer guidance to second-year students.

Practice Cross-Cultural Medicine: MSIH Admission Consultation

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