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Your eight-week global health clerkship is the culmination of our one-of-a-kind M.D. program, where you’ll put your years of medical studies to use in a resource-scarce, real-world setting. From mid-January to mid-March, you’ll participate in clinical electives in a lower-income country — giving you hands-on experience with the environmental, economic, cultural and social issues that affect people’s health.

Mental health across borders was something my past self rarely considered, but my experiences connecting with cultures in Israel, Sri Lanka and Nepal made the fruits of compassion more fully realized. I’m so thankful for my professional and human growth over the last four years.

Elon Richman, B.S., University of Florida
Matched to Psychiatry at Emory University

Putting Theory into Practice

During your clerkship, you’ll be immersed in a challenging clinical setting dealing with diseases, illnesses, pathologies and conditions you’ve never before experienced. You’ll learn how physicians and medical practitioners in different cultures promote health and quality care despite limited resources. And you’ll be integrated into the training programs of local medical students, helping you gain the knowledge and experience you need to put your studies into practice.

As part of your clerkship, you’ll prepare clinical case reports, a weekly blog on your observations, and a poster for presentation to your professors and peers at MSIH.

Worldwide Opportunities

You’ll select a location for your clerkship from one of several around the world. Past destinations have included India, Ethiopia, Nepal, Ghana, the Philippines, Mexico, Peru, and Sri Lanka, as well as remote locations in the United States and Canada. Throughout the eight-week program, you’ll be officially supervised by local faculty, and your clerkship will adhere to standards set by MSIH. Locations are available based on past MSIH experience and in accordance with our annual review of local conditions and travel advisories, as well as licensing requirements, visa status and citizenship.