MSIH Alumni Help to Fight Cancer #WorldCancerDay

As part of  #WorldCancerDay, we are recognizing MSIH Alumni who are doing critical work in the fight against cancer. One of those alums, Miriam Jacobs, MD (‘12) is doing important work in the field of immunotherapy.

MSIH Alumna Dr. Miriam Jacobs, MD

Currently, Dr. Jacobs is in her third year of an Oncology Fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis. She first became interested in cancer immunotherapy during her first year at MSIH while taking Immunology with professor Dr. Ron Apte. 

Dr. Jacobs’ fellowship research focus is on chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T Cells and CAR NK cells for solid tumors. Her published work has included research on outcomes of patients with lymphoma after CD19 CAR T cell therapy.  

Fellow MSIH alum, Evan Cantor, MD (‘14) is doing his part to further cancer research at the University of Michigan where he is a Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellow. His interests include evaluating and treating patients with pediatric neuro-oncology diagnoses using an integrated, team-based approach. His research lab primarily pursues the molecular mechanisms by which recurrent mutations in pediatric high-grade glioma and diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma promote tumor formation and affect treatment response. 

Dr. Evan Cantor, MD in his lab conducting research

In addition, Dr. Cantor’s work integrates the techniques of cancer pharmacology, neuro-development and cancer genomics/bioinformatics to improve our understanding and treatment of pediatric brain tumors through a precision medicine approach. 

Next year, Dr. Cantor will begin a year-long fellowship in pediatric neuro oncology at Washington University in St. Louis. This fellowship will allow him to further his focus on early phase clinical research.

MSIH Alumni make meaningful contributions in various fields of medicine – from clinical settings to research to public policy. Interested in learning more? Join our next webinar!

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