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Dr. Ora Paltiel

  • Professor, Braun School of Public Health and Department of Hematology, Hadassah-Hebrew University

Dr. Ora Paltiel is a Professor with the Braun School of Public Health and Department of Hematology at Hadassah-Hebrew University. Dr. Paltiel served as Director of Hadassah-Hebrew University’s International Master’s Program in Public Health (IMPH) from 2013-2016. She has been a visiting scholar at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, and the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md.  Dr. Paltiel has also been a visiting professor at the University of Gondar, Ethiopia.

Research Interests

  • Cancer Epidemiology in Israel concentrating on a variety of risk factors, especially perinatal events and exposures
  • Genetic and environmental risk factors for non-Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Serum Carbamazepine Levels Among Healthy Israeli Volunteers

Education and Training

  • M.Sc,. Epidemiology and Biostatistics in 1988, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • M.D., McGill University, Montreal, Canad
  • Resident, Internal Medicine, McGill
  • Resident, Hematology, McGill