Dr. Jonah Mink joins MSIH for the second time

MSIH Alumnus Teaches First-Year Global Health Course 

Many university educators adhere to the belief that each class has its own personality. From year to year, that personality may change. Some classes are more engaged than others, some more dynamic. Others have troublesome relationships within, while others are smooth and agreeable, with mutual respect and life-long bonding. Some classes have shining stars, and some have not.

The class of 2014 was a group of smart, dedicated, and exceptional young people who were destined to make a huge impression on the world.

We’ve written here about two of them. Dr. Hanan Itai currently is an attending physician at an emergency room in South Florida – at the very front line in the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Dr. Tobin Greensweig came to MSIH with a degree in mechanical engineering. Today he is using his combined medical and engineering skills to develop devices for clinical scenarios.

A third member of that notable class is Dr. Jonah Mink. Jonah did his residency in Family Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. After a period in private practice in Philadelphia, he decided to come back to Israel, this time with his young family. They arrived in the country in 2018. 

Throughout his medical career, Jonah maintained an interest in technology. Today, as well as working as a Family Doctor in Tel Aviv, he serves as Medical Director of Healthy.io, an Israeli start-up focused on turning the smartphone into a medical device.

Somehow, this driven young doctor will now find time to co-instruct the first-year “Introduction to Global Health” course, working alongside Dr. Anat Rosenthal, another dynamic and popular Professor.

The introductory course provides foundational training in global health and is designed to bring disparate students up to the same level of Global Health understanding. Dr. Mink aims “to integrate the varied life experiences of students with my own expertise of the complexity and nuances of designing and implementing health technology to address global health challenges.”

Since medical school, Jonah has been involved as a clinical advisor or medical director with numerous companies ranging from telemedicine to remote patient monitoring, to mobile phone-enabled artificial intelligence diagnostics. True to his Global Health commitment, before residency, along with fellow MSIH alumni, he started Migrant Health:IL, an organization designed to improve medical care for refugees, asylum seekers, and migrant workers in Tel Aviv. 

MSIH is thrilled to welcome him back.