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Biomedical Engineering for Low-Income Settings – Year Two

Some of the audience (including engineering students from across several industries) attending the MSIH Biomedical Engineering Program 2020

At the kick-off of the MSIH-Biomedical Engineering project in 2019, about 20 students turned out. Five of them were from MSIH, and the remaining 15 were from the Biomedical Engineering department. Despite the relatively low numbers at the kick-off, the program gained momentum and interest from every corner of the campus over the past year. Students presented amazing ideas and worked tirelessly to develop them. Some continue to this day. MSIH is keeping an eye on their progress.

At the introductory meeting for the 2020 project, the effect of last year’s success was clear to see. Instead of the 20 students, dozens of students crowded the hall this year, ready to hear about challenges in 2020. In addition to the MSIH students who presented the low-income medical problems, engineering students came from Biomedical, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering too. A couple of Israeli medical students also joined this year.

“It’s really encouraging to see how this project has caught peoples’ imagination,” said initiator, Mike Diamond. “Since we started it last year, there’s been lots of interest. It’s hugely encouraging to see how many students attended the introductory meeting. “

Some of the students have taken their interest further; Diamond has already been asked by some of them to connect with physicians who have real-life experience in low-income settings.

New Medi-Tech Academic Module

Such was the success of the project that this year MSIH will be offering an academic module entitled “Medical Innovation.” The module will offer students a glimpse into the world of Med-tech. It will include several topics, including: an Introduction to Medical Startups, How to go from an Idea to a Product, the Basics of Building a Business Model and How to Create a Presentation for Investors.

“We’re only at the start, but this project has unlimited potential,” said Prof. Alan Jotkowitz, head of MSIH.

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