An evening of celebration: 20 years of MSIH

On Saturday, March 17, 2018, The New York office of MSIH was honored to host the MSIH 20th Anniversary Reception at a stunning location near Bryant Park in Manhattan, New York. As guests entered the second floor ballroom, they were greeted by the sounds of laughter and conversation as alumni and faculty reconnected and updated each other on their endeavors and lives. 

Also in attendance were distinguished guests of MSIH, many of whom were instrumental in the founding of the school and its early relationship with Columbia University. Friends and supporters of MSIH and the American Associates of Ben-Gurion University (AABGU) marveled at the accomplishments of MSIH alumni with whom they spoke and greatly enjoyed the opportunity to speak firsthand with them.

Dr. Lynne Quittell, Associate Director, Admissions and Student Affairs and Head of the New York office welcomed the attendees with her lovely thoughts, “They say it takes a village to raise a child. It took a village to develop MSIH and that village spanned continents- from those in attendance and those who are unable to be here this evening- we thank you.”

Dr. Richard Deckelbaum and Dr. Carmi Margolis spoke to the audience about the origins of the school and their journey to make the dream of a Medical School for International Health a reality. Their passion and enthusiasm were matched with smiles from the crowd, especially as Dr. Margolis modeled for the audience his original MSIH t-shirt that he wore to the event.

Dr. Melissa Dawalt Klein, President of the MSIH Alumni Association, took an opportunity to speak about the Association and its work in forming a strong community of MSIH alumni who give back to the school and each other. She also highlighted some engaging narratives of MSIH alumni practicing global health both in the U.S. and abroad. 

Director of MSIH, Dr. Mark Clarfield shared with the audience news and updates coming out of MSIH as well as warm words from BGU President, Rivka Carmi, who was unable to attend the event. 

MSIH would not be where it is today without support and advocacy from AABGU. The Chair of the AABGU-MSIH advisory committee, Marvin Israelow, leads these efforts and has been an integral force in the launch of the inaugural full-tuition Ben-Gurion Global Health Scholarship. Guests were honored to have Marvin at the event and enjoyed hearing his words about his involvement in MSIH and the need to invest in the future of MSIH, and global health. 

The celebration lasted late into the evening as a wonderful time was had by all.

MSIH’s 20th anniversary festivities continue with events taking place in Beer Sheva this October. To learn more about visiting MSIH or donating to scholarships, please contact Lenore Taplitzky at

Prof. Andre-Jacques Neusy, Dr Agnes Soucat, Dr Richard Deckelbaum, Marvin Israelov and Kevin Leopold enjoying the event

Dr Carmi Margolis, modeling his original vintage MSIH t-shirt, while speaking to the crowd

Dr Mark Clarfield, Director of MSIH, enjoying the evening

Dr Jared Brazg, MSIH Alumnus – 2016 and Dr Justin Levinson, MSIH Alumnus- 2014

Dr Renata Mazurek, MSIH Alumnus – 2003 and Dr. Dana Wang, MSIH Alumnus – 2013

MSIH Staff Victoria King, Dr Mark Katz, Kelly Coleman and Lenore Taplitzky