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Alumni Flu Shots for all of MSIH

As each winter approaches, everyone needs flu shots. This is especially true for health workers – particularly those working in a hospital environment.

Although the vaccines were late in arriving in Israel this year, as soon as they did, MSIH alumni Drs. Elissa Freedman and Eric Haas, swung into action to make sure all students were properly protected.

After negotiating with Israel’s Clalit Health Fund, Elissa organized for all MSIH students to have the vaccine administered on the school campus.

Taking the opportunity to add education to the event, alumnus Dr. Eric Haas – who also happens to be the director of the Department of Routine Immunizations at the Ministry of Health, Israel – discussed the importance of receiving the vaccine in general, and how to combat anti-flu-shot rhetoric.

Third-year MSIH students were then trained by Dr. Freedman to administer the flu shots to everyone else.

“That way we got around the whole school in record-breaking time,” she explained.

The event was a great success; students are now protected, and third-years learned how to administer the vaccines – a skill they will use many times in their careers.

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