Temporary Housing

Because MSIH students do not typically select permanent housing prior to arriving in Beer-Sheva, you will need to reserve temporary accommodations for your first week or two in the city. We recommend that you arrive in late July, one to two weeks before classes start, to allow time to get settled in.

Once accepted to MSIH, you can reserve the following temporary accommodations through the MSIH office at BGU:

  • Avia Hashofet (BGU dormitory guest rooms) offers inexpensive temporary housing during the week before classes begin.
  • The Leonardo Hotel offers rooms to MSIH students for a discounted price of about 450 NIS (roughly $124) per night.
  • Sublease an apartment from a current MSIH student who has space available, as second- and third-year classes begin several weeks later than first-year classes, and many students will not have returned to Beer-Sheva.
  • Explore additional housing possibilities.

Note: Please do not arrive in Israel late Friday or Saturday (Shabbat). All public transport in Israel stops a few hours before sunset on Friday, and you won’t be able to travel to Beer-Sheva until transport resumes on Saturday night.

Permanent Housing

While BGU offers on-campus housing to medical students, as an MSIH student, you will find a range of more reasonably priced permanent housing options located in Beer-Sheva within walking distance of campus. As part of our commitment to building a close-knit community, MSIH employs student liaisons to help incoming first-year students find apartments and review lease agreements (though you are ultimately responsible for your own housing and fees).

There’s something for everyone in the area, whether you’re on your own or have children or pets. (Note that if you are traveling with pets, you’ll need to arrange kennel services for the temporary housing period during summer orientation.)


To get a better sense of where you’ll be living and working while at MSIH, check out our detailed maps of Beer-Sheva (including shopping and services), the campus (along with an interactive map) and Soroka Hospital facilities — or take a Google tour of the campus.

Google Maps covers the whole of Israel and includes live and accurate public transport timetables, including in Beer-Sheva.

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