Class of 2017 Graduation Ceremony

On May 24, the class of 2017 celebrated their graduation in front of a crowded auditorium of well-wishers including family, peers, MSIH administration and academic staff. Each class member was presented with their Diploma of Medicine while they were entertained and bid farewell by their classmates:

R. Carmi and B. Litwak Grad 2017.jpg
Dr. Rivka Carmi, president of BGU, Dr. Eyal Sheiner, vice-dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Dr. Limor Aaronson-Daniele present Dr. Baila Litwak Harris with her diploma.

HaTikva - Grad 2017.jpg
From the class of 2017, Dr. Eric Tsu sang, Dr. Aaron Herzog played piano and Dr. Jodi Ezratty played violin for the singing of the Israeli national anthem.

Speaker Esther Lee Grad 2017.jpg
Class speaker Dr. Esther Lee

This year, the keynote speech was presented by pediatrician and global health activist Dr. Charles Larson from the University of British Columbia, and prizes were awarded by Dr. A. Mark Clarfield, director of MSIH, and Dr. Asher Moser, associate director for student affairs.

GHHS recipients Grad 2017.jpg
Gold Humanism Honor Society recipients from class of 2017, from left:
Dr. Amit Ringel, Dr. Elizabeth Wiser, Dr. Jayne Shadlyn, Dr. Kristie Hadley, Dr. Joshua Kugler and Dr. Virginia Byron.

Clinical Excellence recipient Dr. Asaf Harris.jpg
The Carmi Margolis Clinical Excellence Award recipient, Dr. Asaf Harris

GH recipients Kristie Hadley and Jayne Shadlyn.jpg
The Richard Deckelbaum Global Health and Medicine Award recipients, Dr. Kristie Hadley and Dr. Jayne Shadlyn

Sakal Kiv award recipient Virginia Byron.jpg
The Sakal Kiv Celebration of Life in Medicine Award in memory of the late Sakal Kiv (class of 2016) was presented by his wife, Faith, and two of his five children, to recipient Dr. Virginia Byron.

Excellent teacher recipient - Dr. Ari Lauden.jpg
The Excellence in Teaching Award was presented to recipient Dr. Ari Lauden (left), coordinator and teacher of the second-year system in Psychiatry, by Dr. Alan Jotkowitz, MSIH associate director for academic affairs.


Throwing hats Grad 2017.jpg